1. The website is updated regularly.
How to increase website traffic

Updating content regularly makes the information updated and motivates people who search for information or come to our website with more interest and ready to come back to visit again.

2. Finding keywords to add to articles within the website.

How to increase website traffic

Putting keywords into articles within the website It is of primary importance because the keyword that we have put to the website affects the search results of the visitors. More and more people will visit our website, possibly due to the keyword that matches the searcher type to search the Internet.

3. Website speed

website speed

The speed of the website is important because if the user visits the website with the speed. It is another motivation for wanting to continue using our website. But if the website is slow, it will make the desire to visit our website very little next time. There are many ways to make a website faster. such as compressing images to not be too large or the layout of the website

4. The beauty of the website

the beauty of the website

This is another topic that cannot be discussed. The beauty of the website makes people interested or look and feel comfortable. and would like to visit our website again

5. Web links are no problem.

Web links are no problem.

There is a problem accessing the website. This makes it another big problem that people don’t want to use our website. and reduce the credibility of our website as well

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