in this topic, we would like to show you guys how to find the marker in the new update! So lets get start to find them.

1. archer marker. go to the clock, then climc to the top. you will get teleport to another city. its beside the castle.

get to the top of the clock
walk to the right
archer marker

2.dragon marker. walk to the top of the mountains.and go in the hole. and jump down, you will see dragon marker.

go in the hole
jump down

3. firefly marker. go to the pond.jump in the lilypads to get to the tree.

jump on the lilypads and get to the tre

4. king marker. walk in the castle. and turn right. you will see king marker.

walk in the castle and turn right.

5.mud marker. walk to the pond. then walk to the rock infront of the tower. then you will see mud marker hiding on the rock.

6. periwinkle marker. at the spawn point in washable kingdom you can seethe periwinkle marker is on the grass.

7. torch marker. walk to the top of the mountain. then go in the hole. you will see the torch marker sticking at the wall

8. lilypad marker. walk to the pond, then you will see the pink flower on the lilypad. then jump to it, you will be teleport to a grey room

9. mushroom marker. go to the pond . you will see some grass block below the map. jump down. then get to the mushroom marker.

10. primrose marker. walk to the market. go to the third shop. you will see the primrose marker laying down in the shop.

11. princess marker. infront of the teleport door, there will be only 1 bush you can walk through,in the bush that you can walk through have princess marker.

12. BFDI marker. walk to the back of the market. look below the map, you will see BFDI marker. Jump down to get it.

13. bluish grey marker. go to the blue forest, do the obby at the trees. there will be the bluish grey marker on the tree after you finish the obby.

14. ice marker. go to the mountain, then youwill see the blue hole beside the mountain. Jump down to see ice marker.

15. knight marker. go to the tower at the castle.defeat the knight marker then you will get him.

16. merchant marker at first you cannot collect him. you need to finish his sentence, then he will let you collect all ten coins

first coin
second coin
third coin
forth coin
fifth coin
sixth coin
seventh coin
eighth coin
ninth coin
tenth coin

then go back to the merchant marker and talk to him. finish his sentence then you will get him.

17. wizard marker. go to the castle, you will see the stair. walk inside you will get wizard marker.

follow to part#2

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