Web server IIS or another web site that request security for encryption information between users and web server

This encryption solution that ensure information between users and webser that prevent from attacker

1. Go to task bar and search with keywork “Internet Information Services (IIS)” Manager

2. Click “Server Ceritifciate” option

3. You can import certificate or generate self certificate for testing, In this case we will show with self certificate (Setup on right panel menu)

4. Fill in information and click Next button

5. Result after create self-certificate finished

6. Click menu site on the left panet and click Default Web Site, then click SSL Setting menu and click link Bindings on the right panel menu to bind ssl certificate to website

7. Click Add button add service port for apply SSL certitificate

8. Select type= HTTPS and service port =443, On option SSL certificate select drop-down SSL certitifcate = cloud-ttrust.com that we create on step4

9. Click Close button

10. Try to access website on browser with https, Web server already encryption

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