We would like to provide how to calculate IP address, this information will help you simple to understand step calculate IP address

in example, we would like to know about network address, min IP address, max IP address and boardcast address for (

Step1: Finding the network class

Class A (/1-/8)Class B (/9-/16)Class C (/17-/24)Class D (/25-/28)

Step2: Finding the host IP that we can use from this subnet, In this case subnet mask = /28 that we have host = 16 IP address


Step3: Finding Network Address and Broadcast address,

Network Address we can using table below to calculate in this case subnet mask = /28, We have to plus number that less than or equals .100 within column from left to right before or equals /28

Network address =

Subnet Mask/2526/27/28/29/30/31/32
Network Address01100000192.168.1.96/28
Broadcast Address00001111192.168.1.110/28

Broadcast Address start be hide column /28 to /32 in case start from /29 to /32, the value = 8+4+2+1 = 15, Broadcast domain start count from network address << Network Address << Broadcast Domain

Step4: Min IP address and Max IP address that stay between network address and broadcast address << Network Address << Min IP Address that we can use it << Max IP Address that we can use it << Broadcast Domain

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