In this topic about solution F5 using iRules to check source client IP address from HTTP header x-forward-for and f5 query IP address from x-forward-for to geo-database for check country name, In case match with blacklist country, F5 action drop packet from client

Step1: Diagram Traffic flow for this case

Step2: In case you known about source client IP, You can using command for check country from client IP with command “geoip_lookup -f /shared/GeoIP/v2/F5GeoIPRegion2v2.dat x.x.x.x”

Result: Current source client IP country is US

Step3: Create iRules data-group for add blacklist country

Step4: Create iRules for check blacklist country and apply to virtual servers

log local0. “Client IP: [HTTP::header value “X-Forwarded-For”] >>> Step0″
if { [HTTP::header exists “X-Forwarded-For”] } {
log local0. “Client IP: [HTTP::header value “X-Forwarded-For”] >>> Step1″
set client_ip [HTTP::header value “X-Forwarded-For”]
set fromCountry [whereis $client_ip country]
log local0. “Client IP: $client_ip Country: $fromCountry >>> Step2”
if { ( [class match $fromCountry equals Blocked_Countries]) }{
log local0. “Drop Client IP: $client_ip Country: $fromCountry >>> Step3”

Step5: We try to test with client from country US to virtual server, We display logs with command “tail -f /var/log/ltm” and found that logs match on step2 because in data-group that we add country name = test

Step6: We try to change string in iRules data-group from test to US

Step7: We try to test again and found logs iRules matching condition drop

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