In this topic, We would like to provide step to create IPv6 address on F5 BIG-IP via GUI web management

and command line, we hope this information will help you to understand step create IPv6 address on F5

Step1: Create VLAN for IPv6 Address, GUI > Networks > IPv6 and fill in information

  • Name of VLAN
  • Tag = VLAN-ID
  • Interface = Select interface and tagging type (Untagged/Tagged)
F5 IPv6 Address

Step2: Configuration via GUI Web Manage, GUI > Networks > Self IPs

F5 IPv6 Address

Step3: Configuration via command line

  • Create IPv6 address mapping with vlan:
create net self 2001::1 address 2001::1/64 vlan IPv6vlan allow-service default

root@(local)(cfg-sync Standalone)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# list net self
net self 2001::1 {
address 2001::1/64
allow-service {
traffic-group traffic-group-local-only
vlan IPv6vlan

Step4: How to check link local IPv6 address

  • Enable advance routing on F5 BIG-IP, GUI > Network > Route Domain
F5 IPv6 Address
  • Go to command line and access to mode “imish”, Run command show ipv6 interface brief for check IPv6 Link-local address
root@local:Active:Standalone] config # imish
local.localdomain[0]#show ipv6 interface brief
Interface IP-Address Status Protocol

IPv6vlan 2001::1
fe80::20c:29ff:fe72:2d15 up up

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