F5 release IP geolocation database on F5 website: https://downloads.f5.com, You can download database update by following step below, We would like to provide 10 Steps for install and update IP geolocation database,

Step1: Access website https://downloads.f5.com

Step2: Click “Find a Download”

Step3: Select BIG-IP version that you using for download IP geolocation database

Step4: Click link “GeoLocationUpdates” for download file

Step5: Download File “ip-geolocation-v2-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.zip” and “ip-geolocation-v2-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.zip.md5” for check md5sum

Step6: Please check MD5SUM and upload file “ip-geolocation-v2-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.zip” to F5

In this case we using sftp for upload file to F5

Step7: Before we uploaded file to directory /root, We have to move the file to directory /shared/tmp

Step8: Run command unzip ip-geolocation-v2-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.zip for extract file

Step9: install file with command “geoip_update_data -f <RPM file name>

geoip_update_data -f geoip-data-v2-Region2-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.i686.rpm
geoip_update_data -f geoip-data-v2-ISP-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.i686.rpm
geoip_update_data -f geoip-data-v2-Org-2.0.0-20220328.579.0.i686.rpm

Step10: Try to geoip_lookup for confirm database with command below,

geoip_lookup -f <path/to/db/files> <IP address>

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